The ART keeps it Da Vinci on new release Daily Bread

Daily Bread is a single by Ghanaian FU artist The ART released on 15th April 2022. The Joker Nharnah produced single comes off his forthcoming EP; FEARLESS.

The graphically expressive artist keeps it “Da Vinci” in painting the story of himself and the Asquad collective. He explained; “Daily Bread tells mine and Asquad’s story of resilience.”The ART presents himself and the squad as a group of youngings with a dream to see themselves successful despite the adversities they are faced with in life. The ART tells his perspective of his hustle in two verses while reiterating their “go hard or go hard” mentality in the hook.

The ART goes on about developing focus and facing his fears, his need to maintain patience as “moko le wɔ sɛɛ” (No one knows tomorrow) and letting things take their course to their eventual outcome.“I peep say what I reallly have to myself is my time and I must make good use of my time to develop myself for myself”

We dream of rising out of the rubble to build an empire for ourselves out of our own hard work and perseverance.We for go hard or go hard, that be the mindset sake of nobody dey for we


From the artwork (by ThePlague and Protoje Visual), a group of boys hang around a playground The ART calls Neverland – a reference to his 2020 single.

He further describes himself and the squad to be “lost boys” in the hook. The lost boys set up a bakery close to their play area, this The ART says it’s “us the lost boys finessing our daily bread. Having no one to our aid lays the responsibility to survive solely on ourselves so we need be without fear, we for go hard make the daily bread”

Daily bread hints at the theme and direction of The ART’s EP – FEARLESS, to be released in the second quarter of 2022. The artist describes the EP as his coming of age story in six tracks, featuring Juma Mufasa and Freddie Gambini on track 4 and 5 respectively.

“FEARLESS is a coming of age story, a depiction of my reality channeled in art form. I’m telling a different Ghanaian story to inspire myself and mi Chargies⚡️. I’d rather not speak too much on it, I love when things unfold shlaimily so stay tuned cuh we dey come shlaim👹


”Check out the new single Daily Bread produced by Joker Nharnah out on all platforms.

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