The 5 Foot3 hitmaker Koo Kusi is back again with a bang featuring RBD

Rapper and songwriter Kofi Kusi, or Koo Kusi, known in the music world, has dropped another awe-inspiring single. 

The Clean and Pure challenge winner has been turning heads since he dropped his debut project, 5 Foot3. A critically acclaimed among music lovers and the music scene in Ghana. Now, with the inception of the new year, he’s dropped a new cinematic single.


The song, titled Nowhere Cool, is an extended version of a video he dropped in 2022, where the artist spoke about the issues in the States that people back in his homeland are rarely bothered about until they find themselves outside the African continent. The sentiment he expresses in the song shows that he’s frustrated with the racial injustice and crime in the United States and would instead return to Ghana. 

This version, which features fellow rapper, RBD, shows the dichotomy of the conversation, where RBD speaks to his fellow artist about how bad Ghana has gotten. The song is co-produced by Christoven and Rdee Beatz.

As usual, the song has sparked a lot of conversation online, as is known with Koo Kusi and the way he approaches his artistry. The song ends on a note of a question with speculations suggesting it might be a hint that this might be part of another project coming soon. Whatever it is, we live to see.

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