Styla Davinci reinvents himself in romancing “CARO” on new  single.

Born Earl Owusu, Styla Davinci is an American based Ghanaian artist currently signed on to Mugeez’ Extrial Family Record label. Styla is a versatile afobeats artist aiming to provide an exciting and experimental feel to the afrobeats genre.

According to the Extrail Family signee, Caro is the debut single after his recent name change from Tecknikal to Styla Davinci in the latter parts of 2021. The change of name is to represent the versatility that the artist showcases now which he felt his previous moniker did not capture.

Caro is a romantic afrobeats song with a smooth guitar led instrumental detailing fantasies Styla Davinci has of a woman called Caro he meets and wooes over to his place/space.
The song was produced by Nigerian producer Calliemajiks with the catchy guitar riff played by Joshua Moszi. The collaboration on the production smoothly strikes the nostalgic nerve of the listener.

Speaking to Styla Davinci, the artist revealed that “I wanted to create something different from the usual love songs I’m known to put out, something that would represent the evolution of my artistry.” The singer/songwriter aimed to vocally challenge himself to create a feel good song that would be perfect for a range of scenarios; listening alone in your headphones, in the car and in the club also.

Styla has been known as a rapper since his career beginnings in high School back in Kumasi in 2013 before relocating to Colombus , Ohio in America. He grew interest in expressing the multi facets of his art in acting, dancing and singing at community held events before eventually capturing the attention of Mugeez of R2Bees.

Styla Davinci flawlessly expresses the evolution of his style on his new single “Caro”.

Stream on link below

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