Queen Drie captivates us in “Addiction”, an honest disclosure of her vices.

Chicago, IL (September 16th, 2022) – Addiction is an unconventional 3 minute no hook freestyle that softens the heavy weight of the theme of the song. Queen Drie narrates her journey through her infatuation with Marijuana which leaves listeners in a state of deep self-reflection into their own vices. 

In a cultural environment where most Ghanaian artists feel the societal pressure to elude questions about their recreational habits, to maintain a certain public image, Drie takes the bold route to dedicate an entire song to her complicated relationshipwith Marijuana. In private conversation with the Chicago artist, she stated that, she believes

we as a society should highlight more of our struggles in order to build trust throughvulnerability amongst ourselvesWhen people only presenttheir lives as highlight reelswe become disconnected from each other and judge themselves harshly for their own vices. But the truth is, we’re all struggling with different things, different insecurities, and different addictions.” 

When asked if she worried about the cultural reception of this song amongst Ghanaian audiences, the rapper had the following to say:

Who are we when we fear our own stories? When we, as creators, artists, and influencers, hide from the people who need us most. Now I can’t tell someone else what to rap about or sing about, but as for my own artistry I maintain 100 percent creative control, so I won’t let society guilt me into which topics are ‘acceptable’… Millennials today are really struggling with drug addiction and suicide rates are through the roof. So as creators what do we do? We relate. We use our platforms and voices to be brutally honest, open,and transparent for those few who entrust us with their ears.As for the rest, so what if they criticize you? So what if they misunderstand? I’m real and I really don’t give a f**k how they feel.

Queen Drie

Drie’s message for her fans is to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and drop the lenses through which the rest of the world (parents, family, friends, etc) sees them; and instead,focus on how they see themselves and to ask themselves the hard questions about their reality. Many will find that, be it sex, junk food, working out, marijuana, alcohol, pills, and thrills, we all have unhealthy addictions to chemicals that make us feel good. The first step towards healing is to recognize our addictions, be honest about them in our interpersonal relationships, and be bold enough to seek help when needed.

Michael Amponsah

Listen to Addiction on your preferred streaming platforms :https://bio.site/addiction_freestyle

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