‘Quarter To ART’ – The ART set to celebrate birthday on March 24th with FEARLESS Live Event

FEARLESS Live is an event series that promotes and celebrates the artist’s work in the industry. The latest edition dubbed “Quarter To ART” is marked for Friday, 24th March 2023 which coincides with his birthday.

New Sound, Lapaz is the venue for the event and it starts from 5 to 9 pm.
The FU artist shared further details on the event ,”I am curating an intimate vibe to enjoy some music, screen some videos, some performance, it’s my birthday you know, I’ll try to make it special. I want to grow the community of mi chargies by sharing that experience with them.”

You can RSVP via the link below to become A Chargie ⚡️

Stream FEARLESS on link below

FEARLESS, The ART Begins Life Afresh

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