Pappuy x Mega EJ releases latest single “MIJO”

Pappuy is a Germany-based producer/artist from Iran. His diversity in sound has really played a part in collaborating with artists all over the world. This single is really a special one for him because of the melodies clocked in by ‘Mega EJ’. Mega EJ is an r&b inspired afro-fusion artist hailing from the volta region of Ghana. Mega EJ has made a lot of progress this year establishing himself with three singles and an EP and also evolving his collaborative work in an international market.

Both acts are undoubtedly crafting their own lane in the Afro-fusion scene.
Pappuy believes that experimenting with sound cultures always brings out beautiful tunes that are unique in their own way. “Halfway through this song, I realized the pattern of sounds merging their differences to create the sweet tune we hear today”.

This Afro-fusion song is enough to get anyone in a chill mood catching the cool grooves of Pappuy and melodies by Mega EJ.
It was an exceptional writing process, working to perfect the single. ‘MIJO’ demonstrates an exciting mood of relaxing with a loved one, blending the smooth beat, amazing melodies, and sweet lyrics, this song is the right mood for a chill setting.

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