Kwesi Soul shares his new release titled “Gone,” a mid tempo feel good song about requited love. Soul puts across the agony of having strong romantic feelings toward someone, only to find out that they do not feel the same way about you. However, Soul is not perturbed as he proclaims his affection over and over, affirming and reassuring his lover.

Featuring soulful singer Cici Yeboah , both artists embrace the idea of a love that hurts instead of bringing happiness. This can be seen from the accompanying cover art which depicts two people joined together but seem to be separating from each other. Kwesi Soul further adds that he was inspired by him being “at a point where he was in-between keeping and losing love.” He adds that it’s his motivation “to stay in the toxicity”. 

Blending afro-fusion with soulful melodies, Kwesi Soul is a dynamic singer and songwriter who is known for his exceptional musical exploration and emotional expression. Heavily inspired by his experiences Kwesi Soul, puts into his music familiar events which his audience in love with his craft. 

Listen to “Gone’ by Kwesi Soul on all platforms:

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