The chemistry between Copta and Moor Sound appears to be positive as the rapper and producer unite for the the first time to trade bars on an afrobeat song titled “Party Scatter” specially made to bang like your typical party starter. The song was self-produced by Moor Sound.

Moor Sound released his first single of the year with Copta.The single is a follow up to Love Ninja,the final song featuring Tibu on Moor Sound’s 2020 album “Sunmertime Sound” which also features Copta.

While Copta and Moor Sound have teamed up on numerous projects within the last five years ,none of them is quite like Party Scatter.

Moor Sound attacks the production on this new song with his typical sub-bass heavy style giving Copta the space he needs to craft varied and interesting flows.

Party Scatter’s biggest point of interest on Moor Sound’s part lies in his rap-like singing vocals the producer-artist delivers on the song to follow up his last solo release “Machine “

Party Scatter is a lot more different than the other Copta sounds and on the new afroswing record,the rapper unleashes a new style singing about his lifestyle and love interests.

The unusual performances from both Copta and Moor Sound combined on Party Scatter gives the duo’s new under-three-minutes record extraordinary playback value.

Stream Party Scatter here

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