Moffy , Freddie Gambini and Cozy Pols reminisce on new record “Kiddie Time”

Kiddie Time is a single by Moffy, Freddie Gambini and Cozy Pols ahead of their upcoming project “ So We Made a Tape”. The song was released on 18th November, 2022.

The trio in this tune take the listener on a journey of young minds wanting so badly to be ushered into adulthood. A journey set at looking forward to the vast possibilities, and shaping up ambitions now being met with the daunting realities of adulthood: which is phased with loneliness, anxiety and hardship. 

The past meets the future and the once rosy journey of what adulthood could be, is rather a bumpy experience that requires being headstrong and vying for creative control. These words encapsulated the inspiration behind “Kiddie Time” on this unique trap beat produced by Insvne Auggie.

If there’s any take on this tune, it’d be to “Learn and Live”. Buckle up.

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