Kwame Dabie says “A Lot” on new record

Dabie farms bring forth free food. Kwame Dabie titles this A LOT. He talks about the life of the young trapper

“It’s a whole lot going on. Day in day out we go through a whole lot of untold stuff. Some of which you’ll never get to hear.
Unfortunately, we were never told the truths of life until we grew up to witness them
The music highlights the life of the misled ‘young trapper’, what he sees, the lies he’s been told over the years and how it’s affecting him now. ‘“

He got assisted by Asakaa artist Bounce. He also spilt a whole lot on the sound, with his side of the hell on the Ashanti streets. A whole lot of messed up stories.

The drill sound was produced by Ninety8KO, mixed and mastered by Supa Screech

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