Kirani Ayat Premieres Debut Off Aisha’s Sun Project

There’s a popular Hausa adage, “me aiki ke cin”, which means the person who works is the one who eats.
Duniya explores more on that saying, it’s a song about being ambitious, working on yourself, and not being jealous of anyone.

 Kirani Ayat starts off with poetic lyrics about being patient, realizing life isn’t a race, and not comparing yourself to others. The basis of the production is the Gurmi guitar (two-string lute) which fuses perfectly with the afrobeat elements to provide an uplifting, and energetic mood to the record. 

A guest verse from renowned Nigerian rapper Morell expands the self-reliance theme and urges listeners to be mindful of their actions. Produced by longtime Kirani Ayat collaborator KaySo, Duniya has a feel-good summertime record vibe and the positive message of an everyday mantra.

Kirani Ayat

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