Ghanaian producer and dj KQTHEARTIST out with new project SUPPORT IS ALL WE GOT.

Support Is All We Got is a collaborative project involving 14 artists in total. It began with the decision to support my favorite artists as much as possible when I could because I was grateful for their art. Be it though social media or in real life.

SIAWG signifies the the essence of “SUPPORT” and its infinite nature. The project began with a couple of loops from Wolf Bite’s loop pack “HNDR” with that I made one beat but in five variations, then I reached out to a couple of musicians I have been working with for a while and asked them “Support Is All We Got, what do you think?”

This resulted in each artist sharing their perspective of Support and what they have experienced throughout their journey so far. The nature of the instrumentals make the six songs feel like one. SIAWG is not me asking for your support, but me telling you all how important it is to support your favorite artists as much as you can, whenever you can, no matter the form or extent, because at the end of the day all we got, is support.

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