FEARLESS, The ART Begins Life Afresh

Ghanaian Fu artist The ART tells a tale of starting his life afresh on his debut EP FEARLESS. The artist released the project on 27th May 2022 to positive response from his “chargies ⚡”. Prior to the EPs premiere, Daily Bread released as a single on 15th April 2022.

The EP features fellow artists Juma Mufasa and Freddie Gambini. 

On his debut EP, The introspective artist fearlessly provides a glimpse into his world, a peep into his mind and understanding of Life. FEARLESS is packed with expressions the artist describes as fueled by real life experiences. 

 The six-track EP sequels the story in The ART’s ‘ESCAPE’ film. The music video for the fore mentioned song directed by Protoje Visual featured The ART as himself and ThePlague, both characters representing his struggle with anxiety. ThePlague is a character created by The ART who is fueled by FEAR and survival instinct. He symbolizes rebirth, healing and FEARLESSNESS.

“I created ThePlague as a reminder to myself of how unstoppable I am in my element, also as a reminder to never let fear cripple me, to love and understand myself. To an extent, I created ThePlague to also inspire others in the ways I have spoken of and for them to tap into that FEARLESSNESS he(ThePlague) portrays” The ART stated.

FEARLESS depicts The ART’s “coming of age” story and describes his journey as a man starting life afresh.

The ART further revealed that “I feel like a cave man in this modern civilization, I’ve learnt from the cave paintings. I’m moving out of my cave into the real word”

The project centers on The ART’s escape and venturing into the world, exploring his new found freedom. He touches on topics of FEARLESSNESS, patience, hustle and mental health.

– [Track 1] Traffick

On the intro track, The ART sings about being patient while chasing your dreams. He’s “gotta get up and run”, moving from a place of fear and stagnation to FEARLESSNESS. Understanding that he has given too much to life to stress and derail himself, the fear of failure looming behind him every step spurs him on to overcome challenges before him.

– [Track 2] FEARLESS

FEARLESS is a congratulatory voice note The ART’s father sent as motivation to his son.

– [Track 3] Daily Bread

On Daily bread, The ART raps about giving out his best to get the “daily bread”. This is a motivational song meant to inspire a winner’s mentality. 

The ART describes himself and the squad as “lost boys” who are “finessing” for themselves because there’s nobody else to rely on.

The “lost boys” wake without fears and a mindset of rising out of the rubble to build an empire for themselves.  

– [Track 4] Vacation Ft Juma Mufasa

Vacation carries on the theme of ESCAPE and gives a feel into the factors that motivate ThePlague. The ART raps about handling depression, anxiety and paranoia. This song features Juma Mufasa who laid vocals on the hook.

Produced by ThePlague, the eerie ambience of the instrumental track adds to the dark tone of the record.

-[ Track 5] Grounded Ft Freddie Gambini 

Grounded has The ART reminiscing on his moments of doubt, his highs and lows and him holding on for the best. This track features Freddie Gambini who raps about making it out against all odds.

– [Track 6] Jamez Brown

The ART closes the curtain on the tape in reverence of American soul pioneer James Brown. He interpolates James Brown to convey his “feel good” message in the hook. He seeks to inspire the youth to be FEARLESS and take up Responsibility.

The artwork of the album was done by Protoje Visual and ThePlague.

The whirlwind in the album artwork signifies the power The ART possesses and it being viewed as a gift and a curse and with that power The ART intends to better his life – Becoming FEARLESS 

“Experiencing what I have pushed me to channel a positive approach in the songs on the EP. I aimed to capture a message that would last a life time. Something I can personally visit in times of dire need. What I’d wanna communicate to mi chargies is that patience is a priced commodity, remember that in your dealings and stop at nothing to be FEARLESS ✊🏿🌪️🔥”


1. Traffick 


3. Daily Bread 

4. Vacation ft Juma Mufasa 

5. Grounded Ft Freddie Gambini 

6. Jamez Brown

Producer credits on FEARLESS are as follows- TheFlowerPapi [track 1 & 2], Joker Nharnah [track 3 & 6], ThePlague [track 4], Light Beats [track 5]

Mixing and Mastering credits are as follows Khokebeatz [tracks1&6], Kobby Hype [tracks 2 & 4], Joker Nharnah[track 3], Freddie [track 5]

Additional Vocals by Issa Adams

Stream FEARLESS on your prefered platform on the link below



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