Duppy C out with new project NOT DONE YET

Duppy C is the name Where the name stands for conquer which was inspired from Bob Marleys song Duppy Conquer . Not done yet because there are more songs I have Not Done yet This collection of tunes feels like something straight out of a tripple A project!

Never a full moment where even piece feels like a story telling and most songs have genuine story telling and a sense of direction. Truly a work of art with the heart and soul as ingredients. I wasn’t expecting much from a young man without a major label or expensive production and songwriters yet he was able to deliver he is truly the next big thing.

The world must give him a chance this was amazing and I’m going for my second play through for personal healing and motivation ,yet still “Not Done Yet”. Lonely Nights,this talks about moments I had to face alone but at war with my thoughts ,thoughts of making it with music backed up with some motivation voice notes (a voice note from my grandmom and mom). https://t.co/FkZ5aaLhTt

Star is basically me talking to myself telling myself I will be a star and how people will feel my vibe .

Jigga is a self motivation song and a way to let people know I am coming in hard. The One talks about a girl I have Been crushing on. Steadily talks about how I won’t loose and how am putting in the worK.

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