Discover How To Increase your Chances of Employability in a Competitive Job Market

Each year, about 110,000 students graduate from tertiary institutions across the country, but only 10% secure jobs after NSS, except for NABCO interns (Africa Education Watch). Some of the ongoing conversations are about students not having the skills required by industry, as well as the insufficiency of jobs in the country. Both are true to an extent, but what can you do to be part of the 10% of graduates who secure jobs after their national service? There are avenues available, with industry experts who are willing to help entry-level applicants and university students prepare for the world of work. However, you may not know about these if you’re not in the right places.

This is where TiBi Career Corterie comes in with The Executive Playground (TEP). About TEP TEP is an event aimed at facilitating a smooth transition for university students and early graduates from the university to the phase after university. Through The Executive Playground, TiBi seeks to connect students, graduates, and the unemployed with the right people to learn from. TiBi is here to give students and entry level applicants the requisite skills to make them organisationally fit and ready for industry. What you’ll Get You’re probably wondering if you should be at this event, because you’ve attended several seminars but nothing has changed. So, what makes The Executive Playground different? TEP is not just a seminar, but an avenue for relaxation, and promoting physical and mental health through various fun activities. With TEP, you will, 1. have a one-on-one encounter and listen to talks on various career development topics from renowned and successful career coaches, academics, professionals and entrepreneurs.

2. learn how to manage your finances as a student or graduate, and even when you start earning as an entrepreneur or an employee.

3. be given a secret blueprint at the event that has 85% success rate (if you’re an entrepreneur or a startup founder)

4. get access to free video, board, outdoor and indoor games, as well as unlimited music.

5. also get a free live grilled barbecue accompanied with live mixed cocktail.

6. be able to network with resource persons, acquaint new people, bond with friends, share ideas and fun. TEP is here to change the narrative, so after networking at the event,TiBi will not leave you hanging. TiBi Career Corterie is building a community for you, where you get access to industry experts to ask all your questions anytime you have to. Now, you don’t have to go looking for them, TiBi will bring them to you, and it all begins at The Executive Playground.

What Next? Click this link to register and secure your spot to learn, share ideas, and have fun. The Speakers ● Dr. Eric Delle; Lecturer at University of Ghana, HR Consultant, Work & Organisational Psychologist ● Joel Anaman; Pharmacist, Founder of Career Wheel and Mande, Ex-recruiter, Software Product Manager ● Desmond Bredu; Financial Literacy Advocate, Investment Professional, Head of Client Services at Stanbic Investment Management Services ● Leslie Osei Bonsu; Chartered Accountant, Livestock Farmer, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, and Entrepreneur ● Mellisa C. Kpobi; Global Speaker on developing a high value network.

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